We are a professional vanity manufacturer in Vietnam, established in 2000. We provide bathroom vanities for customers from all over the world. We are now have 2 factories one in Vietnam focus on wood vanities, another one focus on PVC vanities based in China.

We provide a wide range of products to customers worldwide, also provide custom products for customers have specific requirements. And if all the products can not satisfy you yet, we can make adjustments based on existed products or just do all the constructions based on your product drawings. We now have vanities in classical, neoclassical and modern style. 

Since the establishment, we have been adhering to idea of producing beautiful, functional and affordable vanities to more families. And with 20 years' stable growth, Our construction capability has also enhanced a lot, strong enough to satisfy demands for the majority of customers.

Furnwin, dedicate to making quality vanities for a hundred years