Furnwin furniture Co Ltd is a professional bathroom vanity manufacturer based in Vietnam. We have been in business for more than 20 years and Our products also have been exported to North America for nearly ten years, we have products of high quality and good price.  

Buy wood vanity from our Vietnam factory:

  • Classic wooden vanity styles which never fades

  • Bacteria, Mold and Mildew Resistant 

  • Beautiful, firm and safe Akzon Nobel finishes  

  • Multiple colors to choose from for every piece

  • Customization is available 

To avoid high anti-dump tariff on wood bathroom vanity, we introduced PVC to make our products. Here are some advantages of PVC vanities from our China factory:


  • No anti-dump tariff on PVC vanity, Customs code:9403.70

  • PVC is much more Water resistant than wood

  • PVC is nonflammable than wood

  • Same appearance and tactile impression as wood

  • Beautiful, firm and safe Akzon Nobel finishes

  • For outdoor activities or special usage

  • Akzon Nobel cold-hot cycle test shows our material is stable in hot or cold temperature

  • We have many beautiful finishes to choose from, finishes are steady and firm on PVC

  • Customization is available